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The North Bendale community is proud of our neighbourhood’s history, which we are pleased to share with you as well as the heritage of the areas surrounding us.

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North Bendale

In the early 1950’s, the former Township of Scarborough was transformed from a rural farming community to a burgeoning city as new homes began to be built beginning in the area immediately east of Scarborough’s western boundary of Victoria Park Avenue. By the late 50’s, suburbia had reached the area of McCowan and Ellesmere Roads as the first homes were built in what was to become known as North Bendale (bounded by McCowan Road, Ellesmere Road, Bellamy Road, and Brimorton Drive).

Young families moved into these homes with their children and a growing community began. North Bendale Public School opened in 1960, and in 1961, those young families decided to form the North Bendale Community Association (NBCA) so that their concerns and ideas could be addressed. Over the years they voiced their concerns about the growing development of the Scarborough Town Centre properties, the condominium developments to the north of our community and the threatened closure(s) of our school.

Fun activities were also organized under the auspices of the community association – the, barbecues, corn roasts, picnics, annual Jingle Bell Ball and Christmas lighting competition, and a natural ice rink in the schoolyard maintained by community association volunteers who regularly flooded the ice and shoveled the snow. We have donated to school programs, baseball tournaments, the North Bendale Tennis Club, and local artists. Volunteers from the NBCA collected the annual membership fee and delivered the North Bendale Bugle – one of the oldest community newsletters in Toronto.

In 1996, the North Bendale Community Association received a special award from Scarborough Council in honour of the Association's 35th anniversary.

In keeping with the times, our website designed by Jennifer Morrison was added in 2009, so that residents could obtain information about community activities and news on a regular basis.

Our 50th anniversary celebration picnic was held in the North Bendale Park on Thursday, June 23 2011. Despite the sometimes inclement weather we had an excellent turnout.

In February 2016 the Board of Directors determined that with our shifting demographics, lifestyle changes and society’s growing dependence on technology to plan their activities we made the difficult decision to discontinue delivery of our North Bendale Bugle publication and utilize our website as the primary means of communication with our community.

In September 2017 at the North Bendale Community Association’s 56th Annual General Meeting (AGM) it was determined that it was time to wind up the NBCA as a not for profit association due to lack of community interest in running the organization. We thank our past-presidents who proudly served our community over the years.

The NBCA is now continuing on as an unofficial group of community volunteers focused on informing our neighbours of local events and issues through our website and email distributions.


In 1796, David and Mary Thomson settled in Bendale along with David’s brothers Andrew and Archibald. Thomson Memorial Park is named in honour of these European settlers and their history can be found on these sites:

Thomson Memorial Park

Thomson Memorial Park is operated by the City of Toronto and resides near our North Bendale community. The park is home to the Scarborough Museum which provides a lot of great history on our area and there are a lot of Hiking opportunities to learn our history.

Additional information is available through Scenes from a City and Toronto Historical Plaques outlines the history of the buildings around the area including:

Taber Hill (also spelled Tabor Hill)

Taber Hill Memorial in Tabor Hill Park is an ancient Iroquois ossuary (burial ground) located on Bellamy Road north of Lawrence, which was discovered in 1951 when the land was developed into residential properties.

Read about its history through these links:

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